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Martial  Arts  Resume

Master Robert J. Bender


  • Began training in Tae Kwon-Do in 1975
  • Attained First Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon-Do in 1978 under John C. Miller
  • Attained Second Degree Black Belt in 1981 under John C. Miller
  • Attained Second Degree Black Belt Tang Soo-Do  under the U.S. Tang Soo-Do Federation in 1982
  • Attained Third Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do under the International Chin Mu Kwan Federation in 1991
  • Attained Fourth Degree Master Rank in Tae Kwon-Do under International Zen Do-Kai Federation in 1994
  • Internationally certified through Zen Do Kai Federation
  • Member of the United States Tae Kwon-Do Union and the PA Tae Kwon-Do


  • Instruction of adults since 1978
  • Instruction of children since 1978
  • Chief Instructor of the Altoona Academy of Tae Kwon-Do children & adults
  • Instruction of children in Kidnap Prevention
  • Guest instructor at the 1992 International Chin Mu Kwan Summer Camp
  • Co-promoter, Altoona Academy Classics Karate Tournament
  • Personally trained and promoted over 200 men, women, and children to the rank of Black Belt and higher
  • Completed instructional seminar  in 3-second self-defense
  • Completed instructional seminar by Defensive Systems International
  • Have written and taught the following seminars:
    • Concepts of power breaking for Tae Kwon-Do and Karate
    • Dynamic Forms  for Competition and Training
    • Numerous Self-defense seminars for children and adults
    • Numerous Motivational demonstrations and programs for Elementary, Middle, and High School students
    • Rape prevention seminars
    • AATKD Kidnap Prevention Program
    • AATKD Tiny Tigers Childrens  Wellness program


Have received instruction from the following individuals:
  • Professor Wally Jay
  • Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim
  • Master Tak Kubota
  • Grandmaster Yan Ho Kang
  • Master Joe Goss
  • Master Philip Amris
  • Bill Super Foot Wallace
  • Mr. Michael Campos
  • Ms. Cathy Long
  • Mr. Joe Lewis
  • Mr. Dan Mcgraw
  • Master Houssam Chaar
  • Mr. Robert Gifford
  • Mr. Joel Kirch, U.S. Marshall
  • Mr. Jean Frenette
  • Mr. John C. Miller
  • Master Don Pat McClellan
  • Master David Burns
  • Master Fred Destafo
  • Sifu Kevin Seaman
  • Mr. Ernie Boogs
  • Sifu Francis Fong
  • Machado Brothers
  • Master Farouk Mahmoud


  • Numerous fundraisers for Chuck Norris Kick Drugs Out of America
  • Numerous fundraisers for Childrens Miracle Network, totaling over $30,000
  • Annual support of American Cancer Societys Relay for Life
  • Demonstrations and support for the Shrinners Children Hospitals
  • Fundraisers for the Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Numerous functions to support local charities
  • Monthly sponsor of St. Judes Children Hospital
  • Numerous motivational seminars and self-defense clinics for area schools as well as disadvantaged youth.


  • Numerous Tournament wins in Forms, Breaking, and Fighting
  • 2002 Keystone State Games Gold Medal winner in Forms
  • Worldwide Alliance of Martial Arts Master Instructor of the Year for 2000
  • Numerous letters of accommodation from the Kick Drugs out of America Foundation
  • Spent a day on the set of Walker Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris as part of a Kick Drugs Out of America Fundraiser.

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